Somewhere in the blue area of this map will be home to a residential waste drop off centre.


After decades of pestering Metro Vancouver for one, Surrey is going to finally get a drop off station for residential waste (RDO).

It will be located in West Newton.

The news of a waste facility in Newton hit the twitterverse on Tuesday morning, when blogger Laila Yuile posted an audio file of Surrey Coun. Bruce Hayne talking about it with CKNW.

It’s been quite the storied journey getting to this point.

The facility was called for in the 1995 Solid Waste Management Plan of which Surrey is a signatory.

Not having one in Surrey has been expensive.

It’s costing taxpayers almost $1 million annually to haul away waste that’s been illegally dumped, city officials saying that it’s largely due to the lack of a local place to drop off household waste.

“Forcing people to drive to Port Kells to get rid of a mattress as an example, (when they live in) South Surrey or Newton, is problematic for some people,” Hayne said. “Or at least it’s a little more difficult, so it’s easier to dump it.”

For decades, Surrey has been pushing Metro Vancouver for a local Waste Transfer Station (which the city now has in North Port Kells) and a residential drop off.

The 1995 Solid Waste Management Plan noted that “given the large land area of (Surrey), it may be advisable to locate a smaller satellite transfer station in the Cloverdale/South Surrey area of the municipality.”

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