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Former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is giving serious consideration on running for the job again this fall.

The Leader has learned the South Surrey resident, who was ousted by Mayor Dianne Watts in 2005, is likely coming back for the centre chair this November.

Sources say he will make the announcement on July 7.

McCallum is one of three big names looking to run this city for the next four years, joining Surrey First’s Linda Hepner and Independent Barinder Rasode.

McCallum said in an interview Friday he’s giving it serious thought.

“I’m giving it consideration, but I haven’t made a decision yet,” McCallum said.

He says he has a lot of support.

“There is a lot of people out there pushing me, I’ll say that,” McCallum said. “I can see out there where there are people out there who think we need to have a tighter fiscal policy.” Read more…


Linda Hepner sits in a sofa chair in the living room of her comfortable South Surrey home and tells The Leader in an exclusive interview what many have suspected for some time.

She would be announcing in a few weeks that she would be Surrey First’s choice for mayor heading into this November’s election.

She says she has the full support of her team to lead them into the next civic election.

The only other contender for the job within the Surrey First ranks was Coun. Bruce Hayne, who stepped aside and said he was backing Hepner.

She sat down with The Leader on June 2, under the condition that the paper not publish the story until the day before she announced it. Read more…