Violent crime surges in Surrey

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In general, numbers don’t lie.

From the figures we’re looking at in the second quarter Surrey RCMP statistics paint a pretty dangerous picture of this city.

Violent crime is up 34 per cent in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2014.

Even more frightening is attempted murder is up a whopping 600 per cent by the same comparison. Those numbers are driven by Newotn (up 900 per cent) and Whalley (up 300 per cent). The rest have remained static.

Remember, it’s in Whalley and Newton (primarily the latter) where an orgy of violence has unfolded since March, while two groups have been gunning for each other over lucrative dial-a-dope turf.  In all, there were more than 36 shootings since March 9 alone, half of which were the work of these gangsters.

Police don’t like to call them that, but let’s call it what it is. These young men (mostly in their 20s) are operating in a semi-organized fashion, firing live rounds at each other in a very public way.

I’m going with gangster.

This bit of ugliness has driven violent crime up substantially this year.

But it’s not the only culprit.

Sex assault is up 65 per cent, abduction/kidnapping up 55 per cent and robbery up 33 per cent.

Sex assaults were up all over the city, by similar percentages (save for Whalley where they dropped by 11 per cent). Abduction/kidnapping figures were largely driven up by Newton where the crime increased by a booming 400 per cent (from two to 10 incidents — more than half the city’s total).

While abductions and kidnappings can be the result of parental disagreements over kids, they can also be due in large part to drug debts. It’s likely how it’s playing out in Newton, where the drug war rages on.

Remember at the beginning of this post, I qualified that numbers don’t lie “in general?”

They can be a bit misleading. A lot of things can drive up these numbers and they can be particularly misleading in short time spans.

These figures are only from the first half of this year.

Statistically, it’s not a ironclad sample.

It’s indicative of a trend over a pretty short span of time.

More telling will be crime trends over years.

With that said, even though this may be a momentary blip, you can bet Mayor Linda Hepner and top cop Bill Fordy will be watching them very closely.

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