One vote is priceless

It took one dead child to bring world awareness to 3.9 million refugees in Syria annually the 20 million refugees worldwide each year.
It took one dead lion to draw global attention to the 600 lions and 100 million other animals killed annually for sport.
Next month, Canadians will be given one vote.
It has the power to bring about certain change.
This isn’t an indictment against any ONE politician or political party.
That would be wholly unfair.
But there is something broken with this world, and it needs fixing quickly.
I’m tired of hearing people saying their vote doesn’t count.
That’s a cop out.
The fix to these problems doesn’t start with government policy changes.
It starts with a vote.
If ONE child and ONE lion can change the world so dramatically, so can you.
Educate yourself, and cast your ballot on Oct. 19.

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