Hepner gaining support for Surrey First mayor

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Soon, six people with Surrey First will sit down and select the group’s next mayoral candidate.

And as of Sunday night, the votes appeared to be swinging toward Coun. Linda Hepner, who has been checking the community for mayoral support for some months.

As of Sunday, three people were interested in the top job, including Couns. Bruce Hayne and Tom Gill as well as Hepner.

As per the Surrey First constitution, only the elected members of the “coalition of independents” will choose the team.

As such, there will only be six deciding who gets the Surrey First nod, because Mayor Dianne Watts said she would absent herself, Coun. Barinder Rasode left the slate earlier in the month, and Coun. Marvin Hunt was elected as MLA for Surrey-Panorama, leaving his seat vacant.

So Surrey First king or queen makers will be Hepner, Hayne, Gill and Couns. Judy Villeneuve, Barbara Steele and Mary Martin.

When contacted for comment Sunday, Martin said she wasn’t interested in the job.

She adores her colleagues, has a special spot in her heart for Gill and Hayne, but she feels Hepner is likely the most electable in a general election.

Gill said Sunday night he was still interested in the job, but now had reservations. He said he has to take into account the time commitment, his current full time job, and his young family.

He said, as he did in The Leader in March, that Hepner would likely have his vote.

With Martin behind her, and likely Gill, it’s up to the Hayne to secure votes of both Villeneuve and Steele.

It could make for a testy meeting.

Gill said it would likely take place very soon, and the group will have likely nailed down a meeting time on Monday.

Steele and Villeneuve could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

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  1. Looking forward to see Mr. Tom Gill as next Surrey Mayor.

  2. you have two polls running. the one on the right side at the top is newer but the one at the bottom of the page is still the old one where people are still manipulating the votes.

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