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The City of Surrey is embarking on a massive overhaul, as departments within the municipality are being completely reorganized, Postdeadline has learned.

Postdeadline has received a copy of a confidential memo sent to all City of Surrey departments regarding the changes within the organization.

The March 15 notice from Surrey City Manager Vincent Lalonde indicates Surrey will create a Department of Corporate Services, which will oversee legal services, human resources and information technology.

“The role will focus on aligning and optimizing the work of various teams that support the overall core deliverables of the city,” Lalonde writes in the memo.

In addition, Surrey will be creating a position for Director, Strategic Initiatives and Corporate Reporting.

This department will be responsible for ensuring “select strategic initiatives” that span multiple departments are delivered smoothly and effectively. Read more…

Throughout 2005, there were whisperings at Surrey city hall that women were being harassed by a senior manager.

A few brave women came forward and spoke with me about their experiences, and how an investigation into the allegations seemed to have disappeared.

It took me the better part of that year to discover then-mayor Doug McCallum, had restricted the scope of an external investigation to one complaint, even though more had become apparent.

That investigation, was conducted by Vancouver lawyer Richard Hamilton who expressed concerns about having its scope narrowed.

“Each of the witnesses whom I met exhibited fear of retribution as a result of providing information,” Hamilton wrote in an April 7, 2015 letter to McCallum and Surrey’s human resources department. “It would be inappropriate for me to expand upon the results of my investigation to date. However, I can say that, if the information provided to me by a number of witnesses were accepted, there would be a prima facie case that the Respectful Workplace Policy has been violated.” Read more…